Commercial Loans

When it comes to commercial lending, Finance Dot Com has got you covered. As well as offering a traditional Full Doc loan, Lo Doc and Simple Doc.

Medium to Large Commercial Loans

Finance Dot Com is accredited with all of the major banks and has access to numerous second tier lenders (Non Bank). In addition Finance Dot Com can provide funding by way of private funds to assist where the traditional lenders can not. Private funds can also supply additional funding from private funds by way of second mortgage behind the banks when the lending ratio by the bank is insufficient to meet your needs.

Specialised Securities

Finance Dot Com has access to numerous lenders that will lend against specialised securities including Medical Centres, Childcare, Hospitals and hotels.

Commercial lending- Small Commercial Investor or Business Operator

Full Doc, Lo Doc, Simple Doc - packed with features

Secured by either commercial or residential property. SmartSuite Commercial loans feature:

  • up to 75% LVR
  • a maximum loan term of 25 years
  • principal & interest or interest only options
  • no annual reviews

Who, what and how much?

This product is available to companies, trusts and individuals, borrowing from $150,000 up to $3 million

  • purchase a commercial property for investment or owner use (Simple Doc available for investment only).
  • refinance an existing commercial loan
  • release equity for business or investment purposes
  • Maximise borrowing potential with longer loan terms
  • With a longer loan term, we can maximise your borrowing potential and create a repayment program that meets your individual investment needs. This product offers a repayment period of up to 25 years.

Flexible repayment options without penalty

The ability to make extra repayments without penalty on a commercial loan is a much sought after option. We have Commercial repayment options which enable you to pay down their loan faster and in many cases, without penalty.

What are acceptable security types?

All security properties must be multi-use. Specialised security is not acceptable for this product.

A range of acceptable property types includes:

  • commercial property (including offices)
  • industrial property (including warehouses and workshops)
  • retail property (including shops)
  • residential property

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